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The Music Room is Petah Chapman's Online Music classroom. In conjunction with Arts Queensland, we recently ran a FREE four week music course for small groups online, for all levels, no experience necessary! We learned about a range of musical styles and instruments! If you would like to book a course for your school or group, please contact Petah.

Here's what students had to say about recent courses in The Music Room 

"I liked learning how really old music like Mozart and Faure is in new music like Elvis and Little Mix!"


"I want to thank you for your wonderful Music Room classes!  The content that you provided across the 4 weeks has been perfect for getting me ‘going’ again on the guitar. I had hit a wall in being able to work out new chords and also knowing how to play a song in a different key if needed (chord patterns)".

"I liked learning about the orchestra and all the families of instruments".

"I like that now I know I can play hundreds of songs using the same four chords!!!"

"It was a great way to meet and connect to other musicians from all around Australia! Pretty cool!" 

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